We realize projects on the basis of the most effective project management and realization methods and techniques. Each time, we carefully choose members of the project team and creative groups working over solutions (often of a break-through character) for the Client. 

The team is composed of: Project Coordinator, Coaches for its realization (with experience in a particular field and sector), Coaches and supervisors that support preparation of the program, methodological assumptions and counseling tools.

Project plan:

A high level of effectiveness of our trainings is also based on consideration of the methods that influence all operational levels, necessary within the process of effective introduction of the transformation, in the scope of:

  • Knowledge acquisition,
  • Attitudes and motivations,
  • Development of particular skills and their implementation into practice,
  • Improvement of desired competences. 

We also offer trainings for:

  • Top Managers,
  • Managerial Staff,
  • HR Departments, 
  • Sales Courses,
  • Specialist Courses.

Our training programs are based on the Activity Based Learning (ABL). A basic assumption is that the learning process is the most effective, when it is carried out through activity and experience. 

We declare and guarantee to our Clients that the provided services have the highest level of effectiveness and quality, competitive within the training services market.