Iwona Wieczyńska
President of the Board

More than 20-year professional experience. Employed on managerial positions since 2001. Acting as a contractor, she realized personal policy in close cooperation with Management Boards of Companies in B2B, financial, legal, manufacturing, energetic and business processes outsourcing sectors. She participated in consolidation of the personal policy during mergers, and in implementation of quality management systems. She currently is the CEO and a co-creator of companies operating within the field of business support, sales, new technologies and innovative IT solutions.


As a part of her several-years-long counseling activity, apart from traditional personal counseling, she also operated within the area of business counseling, supporting organizations in the scope of management process and investment operations. She reaches the high level of accomplishment of strategic objectives by cooperation with specialists in other fields, such as law, finances, econometrics and marketing, providing her Clients with complex restructuring solutions focused on improvement of effectiveness. She also provides effective support in establishment of start-ups, business negotiations and executive managers aid remaining within the process of transformation and improvement of their managerial competences.


A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics – Human Resource Management, of the Warsaw Business School at the Polish Academy of Sciences – Management, Higher School of Commerce and Law – Finances for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Sociological and Psychological Managerial Institute, as well as of courses and trainings in the hard and soft HR.

Dr Waldemar Gontarski
Specialist (Integrated projects)

Dean of the Polish Faculty of Law in London, an expert in the scope of Polish, English and EU legal systems. A Director in the Center of Legal Surveys of the Polish Lawyers Association in Warsaw. He provides legal services in the scope of broadly understood development of Polish, English and EU system for Polish and foreign economic entities, public institutions and natural persons.

He also cooperates with the Sejm Chancellery and the Economic Chamber. He prepares expertises commissioned by the Sejm chancellery and parliamentary clubs – across ideological borders. Being involved in theme legislation undertakings, he is an expert and a counselor in this field. An expert witness in the scope of press law and copyright. He also shares his knowledge with students – he is a dean of the Faculty of Law in London in the European School for Law and Administration, he lectured in Rome, Athens, Berlin, Madrid and Brussels. Furthermore, he is the originator and a lecturer of the first Polish school for EU grants acquisition within the College of Social and Media Culture in Toruń. He participates in the social life, and attempts to have certain influence on the place that he lives in and works – also pro bono. Specialist in human rights.

He took active part in actions for Poland within the accession process to the European Union. Acting as an expert, he prepared numerous opinions for the Sejm Chancellery, Ministries and European Commission. He also took part in development of bills, he is a co-author of numerous binding legal opinions.

He is a co-author of applications submitted by groups of members of parliament to the Constitutional Tribunal. An author of numerous publications in the field of commercial and capital market law, press and EU law, as well as Roman law.

The MA in law, MA in journalism and a veterinary physician, he defended his PhD on the Warsaw University in the field of human rights and press law. In his life, he follows this principles: Effectiveness is in acting, not in talking.

Dagmara Kanik-Kłoczko
A Coach, Supervisor, Mentor

A consultant of integrated projects dedicated to human capital development in organizations, transformation management, optimization of HR processes, support for a personal function as a creator of an added value for business. She designs and realizes training, development and intervention programs in the scope of psychology, management, HRM and personal development.

Her main field of operation are managerial competences, application of systemic analysis into management, managing transformation, communication, leadership, negotiations, mediation, improvement of effectiveness of cooperation in teams. A specialist in training work that combines the elements of skills training and work based on attitudes and values; she leads diagnostic and intervention workshops, realizes coaching and counseling projects.

She holds long-standing experience in designing and realizing developmental and intervention programs in the scope of teams management, communication with clients, negotiations, cooperation in a team, leadership skills, establishment and implementation of employees assessment and development programs, professional client service and techniques of active sales, diagnosis of developmental needs expressed by groups and individuals, designing and realizing effective developmental projects and active methods of working with a group.

Realized hundreds of hours of personal counseling, coaching and mentoring in developmental, managerial programs and individually.


She supervises works of coaching teams, deals with methodological counseling for coaches and trainers, content-oriented supervision over training works in European projects. Within her professional career, she obtained experience in work with staff from all organizational level, successfully realizing the target projects – the transformation process, improvement of business indicators, improvement of processes effectiveness, strengthening/implementing the best HRM practices and the systemic approach.

A graduate from the Faculty of Psychology of the Jagiellonian University, specialized in: management and innovation. A coach with a passed recommendation exam organized by the Council of Coaches of the Polish Psychological Association. A supervisor of coach teams in business and social projects. A coach in the International Coach Federation certification process.

Anna Walasek
Trainer, Coach, Supervisor

She has been operating in the field of counseling for more than 16 years, mainly in the scope of HR management, management through values, sales techniques, presentation, motivation and evaluation of personnel. She realizes development and intervention programs for managerial staff, individual coaching process from various places in an organization, including executive and business. Her field of operation – for several years – has also been diagnosis of individual and team talents based on professional methodology of talent diagnosis – she leads sessions of team coaching.

She cooperates with clients related to various branches. Her experience is counted in hundreds of hours in individual counseling, coaching (including the team coaching) and mentoring in developmental and managerial programs. She participated in feedback sessions, combined with individual counseling for managerial staff and specialist Polish and international organizations, strategic consulting sessions and business consulting sessions for new and innovative companies, connected with business plans analysis.

She also operated in the area of organizational coaching, business coaching, team coaching, individual coaching, development and implementation of training programs, strategic counseling, she led workshops for management boards, developed programs supporting organizational culture based on knowledge and sustainable growth, balance between personal and professional life.

She is passionate about: development, discovery of success factors in the field of personal and professional life, trends and their influence on life quality.

An educated political expert, a Certified ICC Coach, ICC Business Coach, ICC Coaching Supervisor, a graduate of the Leon Koźmiński Academy, specialization in team coaching. Master of Art. of NLP. A coach recommended by Council of Coaches of the Polish Psychological Association.

Andrzej Chodkiewicz
Consultant, Trainer, Coach

He possesses more than 13 years of experience in HR. Using the experience obtained in Polish and international corporations, he deals with notions related to personal policy in the field of recruitment and trainings, talents development, employees assessments, examination of organizational culture and employees’ involvement, as well as organizational counseling in the scope of HR management (competence models, descriptions of positions, procedures, terms and conditions).

He is specialized in test sessions, using the diagnostic tools recommended by the Polish Psychological Associations, trainings and personal development sessions, in the scope of among others personal effectiveness, design of innovative business solutions, life transformation management, customer service, impact, personal and social competences in a business environment. They also deal with professional activation, entrepreneurship, innovation as personal competence, career coaching, life coaching and mentoring.

A graduate of the Warsaw University, Faculty of Psychology (social psychology with elements of economic psychology) and University of Social Psychology, the faculty of Law and Social Sciences.

Anna Krajewska

Professionally active in the field of personal counseling since 1997. She holds rich experience in recruitment and selection of employers for medium and higher level managerial positions and administrative posts. She realized projects for leading international companies and dynamically developing Polish organizations, functioning within various sectors. A significant part of her projects was realized for the food, construction, cosmetics and IT industry. She cooperated closely with managerial staff of her Clients, bearing responsibility for selection of candidates acquisition sources, creation and application of proper recruitment procedures and tools, including psychological test, and professional counseling on the stage of personal decisions making.

A graduate of the Faculty of Psychology of the Warsaw University, a graduate of post-graduate studies in the field of HR management, organized by the Warsaw School of Economics.

Daniel Paul
Legal counsel

More than 10-year processual experience, especially in the field of broadly understood notion of employment and civil proceedings law. A partner of Law Offices operating in the whole country. A practitioner, an expert in employment law, an active coach in the field of among other mobbing, discrimination, work time, improvements of union associations, special protection of employment, union found of social benefits. An open and communicative person, a creator of numerous press articles in the field of employment law, published in Gazeta Prawna, Rzeczpospolita, Praca i Zabezpieczenia Społeczne magazine, and many others.

He graduated from the Law and Administration Faculty on the Maria Skłodowska-Curie in Lublin, completed an attorney-at-law traineeship in the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Lublin.

Progress Management Partners team is composed also of other experts, specialists and assistants, dedicated for cooperation with Clients at realization of certain projects.