When it comes to general support for Companies, we organize trainings, workshops, developmental programs, coachings and individual counseling. 

The offered services remain in strict correlation with improvement of business indicators. The factor that differentiates our approach, is the philosophy of constructing a counseling process. Bearing in mind the business objective, we meet with the Client and analyze the indicators and areas that must be improved or strengthened. 

While realizing the projects, we reach for any available methods and solutions. Regarding the Client’s needs, we use the knowledge of theoreticians and practitioners from various areas, among others strategic management, finances, law, IT, audit, econometric, psychology and media. 



Improvement of managerial staff and company personnel involvement,

Stronger effectiveness of managers, regardless their professional specialization,

Acquisition of abilities to specify potential and development fields for managers, workers, freedom from those potentials,

Improvement of professional competences and adaptational abilities of managers and workers,

Activation of the ability to approach challenges in a manner focused on finding a solution,

And what is the most important, improvement of the Total Shareholder Return (TSR).

(Rita McGee, Ann Reniee, 2011)

Why are we special?

Considering the Client’s needs and expectations, their financial possibilities as well as the organizational mission and culture, we offer most effective solutions that lead to optimization of the organizational objectives achievement process.


The offer is prepared on the basis of guidelines specified during free consultations before the trainings.

We prepare developmental programs, which exert effective influence on generation of the added value.

We also organize courses in various specializations (mainly HR, employment law, remuneration), with a purpose to systematize knowledge or complement it with the most recent changes. 


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